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Copper Acupressure Ring


Copper Acupressure Ring
Copper Acupressure Ring Copper Acupressure Ring Copper Acupressure Ring

Discover the healing powers of reflexology with a copper massage ring! Use this copper ring to massage your fingers and stimulate key acupressure and reflex points, resulting in less stress and a calmer mind. As an added bonus, copper is naturally anti-microbial and self-sterilizing.

To use, simply roll the copper ring up and down each finger gently for a relaxing massage. Make sure to roll the ring evenly from top to bottom. Focus on each finger for up to 10 minutes, and feel the stress wash away.

It is also believed that certain reflex points correspond to different organs and systems and that the stimulation of these areas through gentle massage can help support optimal health.

The ring's dimensions are approximately 1" x 1".

Customer Reviews

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Mona H.
Helps with anxiety!!

I received this as a gift from my best friend to help with my anxiety and I really do notice a difference!!!

Great value

Really inexpensive, but can have a big impact. I carry a lot of tension in my fingers, so using this feels like a dream. I roll them up and down my fingers when watching tv and it offers some nice relief to tension in my hands.

Nice for tension relief

I use this while I am on the phone and find that it helps ease tension and also relieve pain in my fingers. Very affordable and it works!

Great products

I've purchased both the Dosha mat and the ring. If you are looking to relax and be in a calm state- they work like a charm. I also use the Dosha mat on a daily basis and does wonders to help calm the mind and assist with sleeping. I would recommend to anyone who has a hard time falling asleep, in particular.

Love this.

Love this. I keep it in my jacket pocket and fidget with it on my way to work. Feels very relaxing and puts me in the right mindset for the day.